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Quality... Will your closet system last? We use only high quality materials and hardware to ensure years of trouble-free operation, and professional installation guarantees proper performance.


Choice... Can you find exactly what you want? We offer a wide range of accessories, hardware and finishing touches to satisfy almost any need.


Style... Will your closet look like a part of your bedroom? With ten standard colors / finishes and over 30 cabinet choices, you can find something to complement almost any décor.


Flexibility... Every closet is different. Our systems are fabricated using computer-aided manufacturing. We can make components in virtually any length and 16 depths. Your system will fit your closet like a glove.



Custom Design... Our Agents know our products thoroughly and will work closely with you so your final choice will be exactly what you wanted (even if you didn't know it).


Professional Installation... Our closet systems are installed by certified professionals. No follow-the-instructions nightmare or do-it-yourself assembly! You choose the perfect solution, we do the work.


Turn-around time... Your custom manufactured system will arrive about ten days from our factory and take only a day to install in most cases.


Experience... We have been building custom cabinets and casework for almost 25 years. Redline garagegear has been around for more than four years and we have established Agents in many states and in several Canadian Provinces.