End Your Closet Clutter with Style!

Transform your closet into the one you've always wanted

Closets are often one of the least organized, and under utilized, areas in our homes. All too often, much of this space goes to waste because of overwhelming and embarrassing clutter! You can take advantage of every inch of space your closet has to offer with our full, turn-key design and installation services closet organizers, as well as other home storage solutions for other areas of your home. 

You know WHY you need a closet organizer, but do you know WHAT you need?

How about quality?

We use only quality materials and hardware for Redline Closet Systems, so your closet system will stand up to daily use for years and still work and look great. All cabinetry is custom manufactured to your exact specifications using computer-aided design and manufacturing. Your final product will fit your space like a glove.

How about choice?

With Redline Closet Systems you're not limited to a “collection” or a standard off-the-shelf solution. Every closet and need is different, so we offer 17 shelf and cabinet depths in virtually any height. We offer a huge variety of colors, finishes,  door styles, as well as the accessories and hardware to fit your needs exactly.

And what about style?

We offer distinct styles to fit your taste and décor... modern, contemporary, or traditional, all in a wide variety of beautiful colors or woodgrain finishes. Your closet will work great and look great! And finally, our factory-trained installers will ensure the proper fit and function of your new closet organizer.

No matter what kind of closet organizer you need, we can help

Walk-in Closets

A custom walk-in closet can get you off to a great start each day. Whether your space is large, or not-so-large, we can make use of every inch of your closet space. And your closet will look great, whether you want a clean modern look or favor a more traditional style. We offer more style and color options than our competitors, and you’re never limited by our pre-determined choices.

Reach-in or Built-in Closets

Even a small space, like a reach-in closet,  will benefit greatly from a custom-built organizer that makes efficient use of every inch of your closet. 

Looking for a different take on a reach-in closet? A built-in closet is a great way to make the most of your existing reach-in closet space. With our great selection of styles, colors and finishes, it will look great in any room.

Wardrobe Closets

Don’t have an existing closet space in your room? We can transform any space into a free-standing wardrobe closet.  A well designed custom wardrobe can provide the storage you need, even if none existed before. And with the variety of cabinet styles, colors and finishes we have available, your final wardroom will blend with any décor and look like a custom piece of furniture.

Ready to start your closet makeover?

We make it easy, from start to finish. An authorized Redline Agent will come to your home, discuss the options available to you, and when you’re ready, design a custom closet just for you.

Whatever style you prefer...clean and contemporary, traditional or classic...you're sure to find something you like with Redline Closet Systems. Whatever your tastes, we have many style and color options and can design the perfect solution for you. Once your custom-built closet organizer has been manufactured, we will professionally install everything for you. All you have to do is fill it up and enjoy a beautiful clutter-free future!

How about the rest of your home?

Our systems work great in every room of your home as well...home offices, hobby rooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere you need organizing. And don't forget your garage. RedLine garagegear will organize your garage too.

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