Shaker 5 Piece Melamine Doors

We’re pleased to offer true 5 piece Shaker style doors for people who want the best. 5 piece Shaker doors are constructed with individual stile and rails (the horizontal and vertical pieces) for a more custom designer look. And the wood grain orientation emulates that of a solid wood door.

5 piece Shaker doors are available in sixteen premium melamine wood grain colors. Some of these laminates feature beautiful textured wood grain finishes. We believe they look so good that they are difficult to distinguish from real wood.

Right: Three of our beautiful premium melamines, each with different textured woodgrain finishes... L to R: textured, taction, smooth.

Left: Matching smooth drawer front.

Melamine Colors

Smooth Woodgrain  |  Matte and suede finishes

Smooth Woodgrain
Matte and suede finishes

Textured Woodgrain  |  Striated woodgrain finishes

Textured Woodgrain
Striated woodgrain finishes

"Taction" Woodgrain  |  Matched pattern and texture finishes

"Taction" Woodgrain
Matched pattern and texture finishes

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